I started doodling as far as I can remember, always known as "The Artist" in school. Everything from observation, paintings, drawings and music has always made me curious. Exploring and expressing yourself through visual arts, sound and words has a profound impact of who you are, while affecting the the others around you. Understanding this, moving forward, I wanted to be a part of this world.

I studied in traditional illustration, worked in video production, moved into oil painting on wood, written and recorded music albums, worked in UX/UI for mobile applications then transitioned into teaching digital art. I've evolved adapted and starting a new chapter into the world of NFT art.

My personal goal has always been to create artwork to share with others.

The Artist

There are no short cuts in life, definitely not in the arts, you either do it or you don't. You learn the skills, build a foundation and then make it your own. All the artwork on this site was years dedicated to observation, studying and staying curious. Helps to be driven by obsession, the artists work is never done :).


For the last 10 years I've focused on teaching young artist how to work in the field and become digital artist in the industry. Taking time off from my own development as an artist to see them grow and succeed in life is the best feeling for any educator.

Recipient of the 2016 Director General's Award For Teaching Excellence.

Digital Art Industry

I love having Alumni from the program share their successes, inspire current students and connect the digital art community. Our students are making an impact on the VFX and gaming industry in Montreal and globally.

Photo: Designed and organized the 10th Anniversary of the Dawson College 3D Animation & CGI program.

Painting, Music... Martial???

You would think my love for the arts would stop there? My curiosity continues into the martial arts as well. I've been a Ving Tsun kung fu practitioner at the VTMTL club in Montreal for the last 10 years.

Final Thoughts

Never stop learning, follow your passion, life is short, continue being awesome by staying curious ;).

​You are now up to date :).